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anybody know the best way of acquiring sponsorship? this is my first uear racing in ccs southeast region. i race a 2000 sv650 in all the lightweight classes. ive had relatively good resulst throughout the season finishing mostly in top 5. i usually register day of race so i am always gridded in the back yet ill make it to top 5. looking to get some type of sponsorship to offset this extremely expensive sport. anybody have any ideas?
thanks ray

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not that i have any sponsors at all, but it's likely best to start with sponsors that offer discounts to any racer and then try to add more, local businesses with motorcycle owners seem to work too.

team pro-mo has lots of racer support. maybe there's a club in your area that can help, or you can also just join them in they go far enough south for ya.
thanks tony for info :)
thanks mongrel racing for info. up to now all that i have claimed for sponsorhip is pirelli. like you said vouchers which does help pay for new rubber. i work for ups so im going to start hitting up customers on my route. i've spoken too a few of them already and they seem intrigued about racing and want to come to my races. i have a race in two weeks that a few are coming to , maybe ill try to hit some of them up for sponsorship.
thanks ray
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