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All times PST on Speedvision. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the message boards before the races - they will give away the results. Also watch out for the "tickler" of race updates at the bottom of most sports channels - especially Speedvision. They show results of races as soon as they end. Since we are on tape delay, you could ruin the viewing experience. Hmmm...if you really want to have a "live" race experience, go for a nice long ride till 5PM.

12:00 pm AMERICAN LE MANS SERIES - Laguna Seca

4:30 pm SPEEDVISION NEWS - With Bill Patrick & Bob Varsha
**All race results before they show the actual races**

5:00 pm FIM WORLD SUPERBIKE - Brands Hatch - Race 1

6:00 pm FIM WORLD SUPERBIKE - Brands Hatch - Race 2

7:00 pm FIM WORLD GP 500 MOTORCYCLE - Pacific

Should be interesting, Haga is suspended for 3 weeks, and in the 500s, Roberts claims he is going to go all out - so is Rossi. And everyone else is trying to impress the race teams.

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