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Through various business associates, I came across this neat info....

The numbers you see (such as 2.50) indicate an additional cost per $1,000 of various forms of insurance. I believe "I.C." means "Individual Case", "Dec." means "Decline", and "Std" for "standard".

Of course, keep in mind, there are other factors to consider, but this is what usually "hits" the non-motorcycle types minds...



A recognized report on Road Motorcycle Accidents called the Hurt Study
indicated that of the 900 accidents investigated, 92% of the riders
were without proper training and more than 50% of the riders had less
than 5 months experience. Injury severity increased with speed,
alcohol involvement and motorcycle size. Many injuries could have
been avoided with proper clothing e.g., safety-approved helmets (the
inexperienced rider was most often not wearing a helmet),
eye-protection, heavy boots, jackets, gloves, bright clothing (a high
percentage of accidents involving another vehicle were due to the
motorcyclist being inconspicuous).

In 1986, the ratio of fatalities per 10,000 motorcycles registered in
the U.S. was 8.9%, up slightly from 1985.

Recreational vehicles are known as custom cruisers, touring models, or
sports models, the latter being capable of very quick acceleration and
turns at high speeds (e.g., All Kawasaki, Ninjas, Yamaha - FJ1200 &
1100, FZ750, FZ600, all RZ's Suzuki NR's 500, 750, Honda Interceptors,
Hurricanes.) These machines as well as being used on the road are
used in racing too and in some jurisdictions have been banned for
street use recently.

Touring or Cruising
Driver training Std. 1 1
No training 2.50 2 2

Driver training 2.50 2 2
No driver training I.C.


In sanctioned races strict guidelines have been established regarding
safety rules and safety equipment for tracks, clothing, helmets, and
the bikes themselves.

Acrobats - (including ramp-to-ramp jumps) I.C.

Cross Country - A long distance event on a virgin course consisting of
one or more loops, minimum of 15 kilometers.

Dirt Track - Racing on specially prepared flat or banked oval tracks,
in a counter clockwise direction. Half mile includes tracks up to 5/8
miles in length. Short track is an oval less than 1/3 of a mile.

Harescrambles - A cross country race held on a closed course, 5-15 kms
in length and of 2-3 hours duration.

Cross-country, Harescrambles, Dirt Track
Through 250 cc Std. 1 2
Over 250 cc 2.50 2 2

Drag Racers (Gas-powered) - Racing against time on a straight course.

Through 250 cc Std. 1 2
251 - 500 cc 3.00 2 2
Over 500 cc 5.00 Dec. Dec.
Fuel powered - add to above 2.00

Enduros - Is a contest over any course (consisting of trails and
roads) where top speed is not the determining factor and a time
schedule is to be followed.

Trials - A cross country event in which endurance, skill and
regularity of the riders form the basis of the results.

Field Meets, Economy Runs, Hill Climbs,
Ice Racing, Enduros, Trials Std. 1 2

Motorcross/Scrambles - Racing on grass or dirt surfaces having right
and left hand turns, hills and jumps, either natural or man made.

T.T. - Racing on a prepared dirt course which is irregular in that
right and left hand turns have to be negotiated and including if
possible, a hill or jump. General motorcross rules apply.

Motorcross T.T.
International Grand Prix 3.50 2 2
Through 250 cc Std. 2 1
Over 250 cc 2.50 2 2

Production Racing - Machines must be standard models and in legal road
trim, as catalogued by original equipment manufacturer and sold to the
general public. (Modified Production - A machine based on a
production motorcycle which, while it can be modified, it remains
street legal.)

Road Racing - Racing on a paved circuit, with right and left hand
turns, either flat or with changes in elevation. Race may be a number
of laps, or a time period (e.g. 24 hour marathon).

Sportsmen's Class - Machines are limited to stock, under 375 cc,
engine modifications are permitted.

Road Racers
International Grand Prix (Daytona,
Isle of Man) 15.00 Dec. Dec.
Through 250 cc 3.00 2 2
251 - 500 cc 5.00 3 2
Over 500 cc 7.50 Dec. Dec.

Speed Record Runs I.C.

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That can't be right.. 9% of motorcyclists died in 1986?

Also, a percentage is a percentage. Why does it matter if it was per 10,000 or per 100?
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