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In case you need a road trip, Snowshoe Mountain Resort in WV is having their annual Freedom Fest July 16th thru 21st. This is an all-brands bike rally, and with an elevation of 4800ft, sounds like a nice place to hold one during the hot season.

You can go to the last link and request motorcycle info, which should get you a book on Pocahontas County, a flyer on the rally, and a flyer with 'bout 5 loops for motorcyclists. You can see 4 of the loops online-check 1st link and look for area rides link at top of page.

Looks like I have that weekend off, so I may try to hustle the 6R up that way for a day or two to check it out. I scouted out this area last Thanksgiving, and there are lots of nice roads and things to see in the area.

Snowshoe Mountain Freedom Fest (West VA)
Pocahontas County WV
Info Request Form (last box is Motorcycle Touring)

A few attractions:
Cass Scenic Railroad
Seneca Rocks
NRAO Radio Observatory
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