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Should your helmet colors match your bike?

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I was browsing around some sites looking for apparel and protective gear such as a helmet, jacket, and gloves. I am going to be needing all of them when I finally get a bike in the near future. While I was browsing I got to thinking, should you buy a helmet that matches your bike? I never really took the time to think about it myself but it does it really matter? This also led me to other questions such as should all of your gear match or is this too much? How much variation is needed not to look like you just got off of the track when you are cruising around on a Sunday? I guess there is a fine line between getting stuff that compliments your bike and getting gear that makes you look like a fool.

Let's hear some opinions on whether you helmet should match your bike and whether you should stop there.

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I don't match. I go with fit & protection

I agree about fit and protection. However, you can easily find the gear you want and then choose the colors or in the case of helmets, the graphics. So you can have fit, protection, and matching gear if thats what you want. The question is how much should you match?

My Joe Rocket ballistic stuff matches the color of my bike (black/red), so I purposefully got a leather jacket (black/ cream Bulldog) that doesn't. I have a Doohan replica lid that would never match anything. Don't really care about matching, IMO, I would look even goofier if everything matched perfectly.

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Look at most riders and you will notice that most things do not match. Some items wear out sooner then others so you replace it with what works best for you at that time and usually end up with stuff that does not match. If you try to match with your bike then you may be out of luck later since it seems most sport bike riders replace their bikes every few years.

Things that should match are both gloves should and both riding boots but if you are RCjohn then that does not mater. :)

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Scotty, that Doohan Replica has always been one of my favs. My other fav is the Yellow Raptor Arai hat. I always thought that the
Doohan was Red and Blue from the pics and that would seem to match up well with a Gixxer.

Twisties, good point about things wearing out and new bikes. One or the other is going to happen and then it's going to get real expensive to stay in fashion.

i got a yellow/black f4, and have a edwards replica, kinda match's, but i don't give a rats @ss ! i just wana be like colin ! :D

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Find out what fits you best and then buy the color you like. If it matches then that's just icing on the cake. I just picked up my new "Haga" replica. It sorta matches but is comfortable and that is the bottom line.

All my gear is black

Good points
I can hop on any bike and not look out of place-except on a Kaw :D .
All the manufacturers make stuff in the same shade of black so I don't have to match company X's yellow to company Y's yellow.
I don't look like a freakin' Power Ranger (atleast not one of the good ones)

Bad points
It is sooooo freakin' hot!!!!!!!! Should have went with yellow? If I get another pair of boots, they won't be black.

Whatever gear you wear, just remember what Mama always said and wear clean underwear everytime you ride. :D And John, leave the Power Puff Girl underoos at home :D

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I have a silver/red cbr. I bought a nice honda racing perforated leather in black/red matching my arai haga replica in red/white. My cousin then started teasing me that i was too color coordinated and the red/black jacket was similar to michael jackson's "thriller" or "beat it" jacket. He told me to just wear one glove to add to the michael jackson look.

I couldn't get over what he said so I replaced the jacket with a black/silver alpinestars. So now, the jacket and helmet altogether matches the bike but the helmet isn't the same color as the jacket. Looks nice IMO.

NJF4...Just beat it :D . Man you brought back some ugly flashbacks from 6th grade with that one. Parachute pants and that jacket LOL. Grab your crotch as your'e pullin' a wheelie and scream in a girly voice :D :D . Yeah Baby!

I've got a Doohan replica helmet and by pure fluke it matches the colours of my bike (red, white and blue (ish)). I got the helmet first and then the bike, was quite happy that they sort of match.

My leathers are black, and that goes with anything. :)

Naw. I don't much care about that. I mean, which bike should it match? I have a white Beemer and now I'm getting a yellow Triumph. My Arai helmet is white, and I have better things to spend money on than a yellow helmet. Gotta get me some yellow/black leathers for the Triumph. My purple/red/silver BMW riding suit looks silly on the Triumph.

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Peter Egan
Well, I dont have a bike YET but I will offer my opinion anyway.

-Black: as previously mentioned HOT!!! Besides are we riding hogs here or what??

-Leathers: Personally too uncomfortable for me so maybe for the track.

- Right now I am seriously looking at a 2000 GSX-R600 Alstare as my first bike. Its primary colors are Yellow and blue. So keeping this in mind I would prefer to keep in line but not match the bike perfectly even though I could with the Bell "Chili" replica matches the colors and even the graphics pretty darn close! ( Maybe if funds allow one day could come a spare helment)

I will be keeping colors as light as possible avoiding black as much as possible. With this in mind, as far as helmets go I will most likely go with the Shoei RF800 "Manako" in blue and silver with the orange teeth wrapping around the chin. I know its different than most people will pick but its downright cool! Then with probably blue and white gloves. Jeans for comfortability with steel toe boots for same reason but with safety also. Lastly but not least, the jacket is more than likely be a Bellstaff with the removeable inner liner ( I know o more than likely the only time I will be riding when Its cold its raining!) or the Hein Gericke "spin" Jacket its more of a fall type but still has ventilation for summer riding. Both jackets in Red, grey and black. Bellstaff also comes in Blue/black but this is too much blue for me! Reason I am avoiding leather is too damn hot why when you can were nylon or cordura with protection too! And I have found with leather until you really break it in its stiff as hell. With me, I am more of a danger when I am uncomfortable and moody than anything.

I know this is pretty well thought out to some of you but when you spend alot of time in the bike shop looking and thinking things come in to perspective to your preferences. Still dont look like a power ranger or like I came out of a paint booth but not exactly like I hit the bargain bin for everything. Looks and comfortability should count for something if you can help it. But since you already have the helmet who cares except for what YOU want but just keep in the back of your mind when you go shopping, is what I would say.


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I dont really match my bike cause I wear shoes I stole from a bowling alley (tri-color with a big 10 on the back); plaid pants that would make a golfer sick; my best "I'm with stupid tee-shirt"; ohh, and no helmet.

Seriously, get the best gear you can afford, that properly fits and is comfortable. All my stuff generally macthes but as soon as I sell my bike and get another it probably wont. As far as helemts go, I personally like white with graphics - more visiable than black.


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>>>>>I guess there is a fine line between getting stuff that compliments your bike and getting gear that makes you look like a fool.
-----I see it as it's great to get stuff that compliments your bike if it is still good protection. Most of all, that is what you want, protection, and if people think I look like a fool for being well protected by getting the "proper" gear, than so be it!

------For Track days or a day at the twisties, my Leathers are the only way to go. I have also purchased a Kart Racing suit constructed of Nylon Codura. It is light, breathes good and offers very good protection. I wear it over my street clothes and for going to and from work where speeds hardly reach much over 45 mph they are great. Right now has a sale on their G-FORCE Racing Gear Deluxe Karting Suit for $99.99. I have seen Kart Racers come out of their Karts and slide along the pavement with these type suits at over 100mph and no roadrash what-so-ever.

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I wear a Vanson Breeze jacket (excellent in the HOT South Florida summer heat!) with good sturdy jeans, black Joe Rocket Speedmaster Gloves, black Joe Rocket Sonic Boots, and an Arai Haga Blue design helmet. It all seems to go quite well with my Electric Blue '00 Kawasaki ZR-7, or so I have been told by several people. I think that even on a different color bike, the combination would still work out well from an asthetic point of view given the relatively "neutral" gray/blue/black colors of all the components.

In either case, protection and comfort are the most important things, and that's what I shoot for. (of course we all like to look good too! :D)

"Enjoy the ride!"

Dan M.
I haven't been following this thread much. :(

I can't believe a Katana rider and a man(using term loosely :D) with a yellow motorcycle are making fun of me and my masculine Power Rangers outfit. ;) And what's wrong with Powder Puff underoos? :confused: :p :D

If cage drivers are laughing at you that means they see you and will likely not pull out in front of you. :) Or they just don't want all of those colors splattered on their cars. ;) :D


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Hey Joe,where you at bro? I'm in Zachary with the VFR and only ass-clowns to ride with.You go around G.N.Gonzales much? I go
to hang out and talk to other riders like me.
Old enough to know better and ride that way.
Holler if you round my way,don't find many on this board in my backyard.
And I think you should match at least one thing with your bike. My .02

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Im in New Orleans for the next week and then I'm moving back to Baton Rouge for school. I don't have a bike yet but as soon as I get one, probably Sept/Oct., I'd be happy to go riding with you. By the way, I notice there seem to be a lot of ass-clowns here in N.O. too. There had to be 200 bikes at bike night last Wed. 200 bikes, 50 helmets, maybe 10 riding jackets, and a lot of guys on new R1's and CBR 929's that can't ride to save their life.

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