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hey, im selling my previous boat cause i got a supra last week.

it's a 2000 Glastron SX175 135hp I/O

here is the craigslist link with pics

i won't put a pic on here since i used my new camera and i didnt know it was set to the finest setting so the pics ended up being ridiculously huge, and i just don't feel like modifying them. they are all on photobucket if anyone wants the link, but every pic i have is on the craigslist ad. thanks a lot, let me know if you or anyone you know is interested, i'll give you $50 if you send someone and they end up buying it for atleast somewhat near asking price...if they completely lowball me you get no money for sending me your jerk friends!!!! bwahahahahahahaha! lol, ok so yeah just let me know, thanks!

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