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We are fast approaching the time of festive cheer and outrageous drunkeness.

Here are (updated) numbers and details for the upcoming brunchfest. We are up to 22 now.

(Simon and Ernie have pulled out, so sod 'em)

Nils & Elaine
BP & Jen
Tug & lensy
Yellow McP & Annette
Nigel & Winnie
Mr & Mrs Biaggi
Boycie & Legend
Joe Lee
1 for
Bill & Kamisah
Andy Capp & Majella
Chum & Yvonne (& Jake)

21st Dec, Noon, Town restaurant, The Fullerton Hotel.

Yellow McP - If you are bringing the kids, let me know - I will need to increase numbers.

Any probs, just drop me an email

Chumster (The large mound of round)
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