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Just wanted to say hi to everyone here!

It's been 2 weeks i think and I really enjoy it here!

I recently got the sportbike fever and it hit me hard.

I'm a race marshall from go-karting to F1 racing.:D But to participate in Major events (F1, CART, MOSPORT,etc.) you need to have a certain amount of experience and do a mandatory amount of races at the beguinning of the season..

SO..I ended up doing a racing school :)hurl: ) and the suzuki school :)barf: ) 2 very long and boring days...

But then, because a gf of mine prefered working bikes than carts, i started hanging around more oftne...and then.. I did the Canadian Superbike championships!!:drool:

I had so much fun (picking up some racers..scraping them offf the wall :twofinger ) Met all the racers, the company refs, got free stickers, patches and fridge magnet :confused:

Anyways...point is, the bike racers are much friendlier crowd than the car racers..less arrogant.. and they really got me exited...

So.. I'm getting my license and buying a new YZF600R :)

Just wanted to thank the people on the board for being so friendly and the admins of the board, which technically is the best I've seen around.

hopefully I'll actually be able to answer questions and be usefull!

Ioan, the race marshall that hates sliders with a passion:finger:
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