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Rothmans NS250R Factory Grand Prix Replica 4 Sale

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The bike has 30,000 kilometers on it and was imported from Japan in 1999. There is supposed to be only 2 registered in North America and in 2.5 years it will be classified as an antique (in Canada). I am asking $6,000.00 USD for it.The rothmans decals are factory and it can be verified by the paint code sticker under the seat. Last year I took it to Michigan Speedway and was offered $5,000.00 but wasnt ready to sell at that time. I have been told to sell it in California. It is currently on a few motorcycle web sites for sale and I have had approx 10 inquiries about it in 2 weeks. In 2.5 years the bike will fall under the antique classification and its value will increase. The bike itself is a blast to drive with tons of power and compression. People on the street and at the track are constantly asking what it is. The bodywork is identical to a NS400R. the frame is completely alluminum and the engineering on this bike was way ahead of its time, simply amazing. The swingarm is 100% alluminum also and was factory drilled out for weight reduction but was designed to still have major strength. This is still one of the best designed swingarms I have ever come across and to this day some of the various manufacturers still aren't using one of this quality. The bike is not something you would want to use for an everyday ride although you could as it is very reliable and will always start right up with one kick! ( I have actually used my hand to kick start it). Thanx for your feedback and im looking forward to hearing from you again. Jeff McLean

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