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im going to be riding from salt lake city to vancouver BC. its going to be approx. 1000miles and according to mapquest, about 16hrs which im going to do over 2 days unless im feeling real good about finishing it off.

has anyone done this, at least to seattle or somewhere in WA? here is the route that i will be taking. i know the I-15, I-405, I-90 & I-5 should all be pretty uneventful. i would like to know what I-84 & I-82 are like, windy, straight, bug infested, drunk truck drivers????.

3: Take the I-15 N
5: Stay straight to go onto I-84 W.
6: Take the I-84/US-30 W exit on the left towards TWIN FALLS.
7: Merge onto I-84 W.
8: Take the I-82 W exit- exit number 179- towards UMATILLA/KENNEWICK.
9: Merge onto I-82 W.
10: Take the I-90 W/US-97 N exit on the left towards SEATTLE.
11: Merge onto I-90 W.
12: Take the I-405 S exit- exit number 10- towards RENTON/BELLEVUE.
13: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp.
14: Merge onto I-405 N.
15: Take the I-5 N exit towards VANCOUVER B.C.
16: Merge onto I-5 N.
17: I-5 N becomes PROVINCIAL ROUTE 99 N.

any help is greatly appreciated.

thank you!:D

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That's a whole lottta highway miles! From Kennewick area to I-90 is reasonably interesting. I-90 to Seattle isn't so bad as scenery gets greener, but roads straigten out and traffic builds. I-5 to Vancouver is, well, freeway. Depending on your timing, you may make good time, but as that would be near end of second day, hitting that stretch between 4-7pm would be a demoralizing grind.

Have you ever ridden that far in a day? 500miles or so. The ONE time I did it (so far) was over North Cascades Hwy in WA. Beautiful, twisty roads, but crushingly hard to complete the 400miles to my folks house from Seattle. To do it 2 days in a row, would be rough.

I would love to ride back to Wisconsin sometime, but just don't think I could take enough time off of work to ride a comfortable amount of mileage each day AND have some time while I was there.

Best of luck.
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