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RIP Joey Dunlop

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I read on the usenet that IoMTT hero Joey Dunlop was killed in a race. I hoped it wasn't true, but unfortunately, it seems to be.

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Hard to believe it. :(
The man was a living legend.someone who started racing at the Isle of Man 20 years ago,and this year he was still capable of handling the new RC-51 and win another race at the Isle,it is amazing.
Motorcycling sports today lost one of it's greatest racers.

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This has been a very sad week for the sportbike community.Fist it was Mcquide and noe Dunlop I don't know about you guys but to me they both will be missed :( .I'm not sure if most of you knew Mcquide but he had only been with motorcyclist for about a year but most of his articles were good and truthfull information.And I'm sure you all know about Dunlop's career at the isle of man tt.

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I never met the man, but from the looks on his face and in his eyes when I saw him on a Speedvision interview not too long ago, I think we'd have gotten along alright.
They called it The Isle of Man, but he cast such a large shadow over the event for so many years that they could have called it the Isle of Dunlop. Too bad...

The loss of Joey Dunlop has saddened motorcycle racers and fans worldwide. As an Irishman and a road-race supporter, I am deeply soory to see him go. I have met Joey on more than one occasion and he was a true gentleman, with time to spare for everybody. My condolences to his wife and family.
Joey, may you rest in peace and in the arms of the angels. You will never be equalled and I am honoured to have met you. :(

As a relative newbie to this sport, I didn't know much about Joey Dunlop until Dave (Twistiesman) sent me a VHS tape of the '99 and '00 Isle of Mann TT races. Immediately, I was in complete awe of this true gentleman, his accomplishments, and his contributions. I'm truly saddened by his death.

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Shocked. Joey Dunlop is more than just a
racer, he is an example and a pillar in the
sportbike community throughout the world.
To lose Joey is like the passing of a
founding father. I am very saddened and
shocked. He truley was a sportsman. He
will be missed greatly!! :( :(!

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An absolute shame. :( Two excellent members of the sportbike community. My prayers go out to their friends and families.

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This has taken awhile to sink in..
Anytime we lose someone we look up to, or are close to
There is a loss that can't be put into words
We morn
We remember
We know, our reactions and feelings are shared by others
But there is something personal about loss.
It is there that people like Joey Dunlop continue to live..
I know he has a smile on his face
And, some real good stories to tell.
God bless

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honda's tribute to the fallen great:


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this is sad.... to think that he's my proof that you can ride like there's no tomorrow and still die of natural causes at an old age...

oh man... i dunno where to get inspiration to ride fast anymore. Considering he was wearing a helmet, armored suit etc... I feel unsafe nooow.. I'm probably gonna ride a few mph slower for the next few weeks..until I get over it..

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Just found this and thought it was worth sharing...

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