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Riding with RCjohn...

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Well, since John's obviously not going to do it, I'm posting the ride report from yesterday.


The guy is a menace! He rides into T.W.O. 2 hours late doing the worlds longest stoppie. Then he gets off his bike and kicks a dent in the Harley parked next to him, just because the guy made a comment about his riding style.

Next, we leave and start down highway 180. John's riding like an ape with his ass on fire! He was scaring me to death! I tried to follow him through Wolf Pen Gap, but it was futile. Every turn, he would throw that knee down and keep pulling away from me. I will give him credit for one thing...he's smooth.

We turned onto highway 384 through the mountains. This was where he really showed his colors. He was chasing down an R1 and ZX9R. When he caught them, he passed them on the inside of a tight left-hander and lobbed them the bird as he was going past. That's when I dropped even farther back.

We made it into Helen, still in one piece, re-fueled, had a few beers, then headed out to highway 129 to make "Blood Mountain" live up to it's namesake.

John continued with his hooligan antics by lofting his front wheel everytime he passed a cage. He's definitely the king of stand-up wheelies. Whenever we stopped to rest (which was pretty often, as he was wearing me out), John would tell me to get off the pot. He kept screaming "can't you ride faster?!"

200 miles after we started, we made it back to Suches (T.W.O.). I got off my bike and hugged the ground, thankful that I hadn't fallen prey to John's behavior. John walked over to the cooler, spit on the grass, tossed me a beer and said, "here's one or the road sissy!"

I can hardly wait for the next trip...

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A true Hero. Sounds like a fun guy to raise havoc with. Did he really dent that old Harley or was it just a figure of speech?

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Paul is so full of crap. That stoppie wasn't that long and that wasn't a Harley. It was some custom painted Kawi Vulcan and that guy should watch his damn mouth. He wasn't talking about my riding. He wanted to know who the S.O.B. was that owned that ugly orange Ducati. Well I couldn't let him talk about my new pal Paul that way. So I adjusted his aerodynamic drag coefficient. :rolleyes:

If he would have ridden the Ducati on the road instead of the Vespa I think he would have kept up better. ;)

Those wheelies were an accident. I don't know the roads that well and couldn't decide which gear to use. The 51 just wheelies so easy. :rolleyes:

Once again that was supposed to be me not the Saint.

Oops. :eek:

Ride Hard!

I have trouble keeping my multiple personalities straight too!

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My God !!!!

I am busting a gut over here :D :D

2000 vfr800

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