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Riding like a squid

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Doing tricks in a safe place is cool. But down the freeway with cars around is very squiddly.

People wonder why sportbike riders have a bad name? It's because of losers like this one.

Robert Basil
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All right, I've heard guys saying they do this, but I never believed it until I saw it the other night.

Me and 2 other guys hooked up to attend a bike night here in Dallas. We were going a pretty good clip, and out from nowhere 6 other guys joined us. Nothing odd about that, except one of them was sitting on the tank with his legs over his headlight! Riding fast down a freeway! Taking turns and all! He must have thought he was cool, but I think the majority of us thought it was reckless. Anyone else seen this kind of behavior where they live?

Wha-chu talkin bout Willis?

He just hit a big bump and lost his grip, leathers, gloves, and helmet!

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. "
Holy crap! What could that moron possibly have been thinking?? Doing stuff like that not only in running shoes and no leathers, but no helmet as well!! Unless that picture was taken very recently (even if it was), he must be dead by now. If he is not dead yet, it won't be long. Natural selection, and all, you know.

Roscoe, if you think THAT is pathetic, try watching a LV Extremes Video. Seems, its WAY cool to be a total idiot on a bike.

Maybe after "kids" start trying to do these insane tricks and get themselves killed or mutilated people wont think its so "cool".

(GreenNinja's conservativism is beginning to come through now...)

Fear Green.
I'll have to agree with ya on this one Mike.
I saw the Vid and although they've got the
talent they are the stupidest bunch of dudes
I've ever seen. Not even a frikkin helmet!?
It'd be alot cooler if they were in full
leathers and acted like human beings.

I do my fair share of long wheelies and
rolling endos but atleast I'm not a total
idiot about it.

I really should be working...
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