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Hey everyone, Ill typically be hangin around in the kawasaki forum, but just wanted to say hey and introduce myself.

Im from San Antonio Texas, but joined the Air force about 4 years, and 4months ago. Still stuck in due to stop loss which has left me out here in Fort Walton Beach FL (just near p-cola and panama city beach).

I rode other peoples bikes back in my high school days, but never owned one of my own till now. I told myself to wait till I was 25 so I wouldnt be financially broken down. So here I am, 25, and back on the saddle on my own bike. It didnt take me too long however to get confident again, only an hour or so to be honest.

But it also didnt take me long to get overconfident with the 2k2 ZX6R, so now that bike is no more (pics on the kawa forum) and Im replacing it with a 2k2 ZX7R. I got a broken scaphoid to remember not to do too much too fast again. (even though the whole thing could've been avoided had there not been any dirt in the road...:crying: ) But to be old and wise one must first be young and stupid.:cool:

Hope to get to know you all better very soon and maybe even ride with any of you that are close by. Take care everyone.
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