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This is the thread for the ride only. There's other threads to discuss tickets, lodging, cannary row, rides you may want to go on during the weekend up there, bbqs, blah blah blah.

I'm planning on riding up on Friday, July 23rd, 2010. Here is next year's tentative route. This is subject to change, but for the most part that is the basic route. The route will end off the Munras exit of the 1 in Monterey at the Del Monte 76 gas station (1401 Munras Ave, Monterey, CA). Everyone can disperse to their respective hotels from that point.

The ride will leave EARLY Friday morning so we can arrive in the daylight with some time left to relax and still be able to go out Fri night. Please eat your breakfast, check your tire pressure / tire life left / fluids / etc BEFORE arriving at the meet-up spot.

We'll plan on having a chase truck or two, along with any other people that want to brave the canyons in their car all the way up there. This way we'll never be left on the side of the road for hours if there's any breakdowns, crashes, etc. Also, if someone is injured, this will hopefully speed up the process of getting them medical attention.

We'll be using the usual chatterbox channel and I'd really REALLY promote the idea of everyone having a chatterbox if at all possible for this ride.

We'll implement the usual head-count process and split the group into different skill levels with each group having their own leader and sweep if the group is large enough. In that case, I'll ask that each leader pass out their number to the riders in your group in case of emergency.

We'll have scheduled gas stops and we expect the group to gas up, use the restroom, and move on. We'll have a designated lunch stop in the Atascadero / Paso Robles area (location tba).

As usual, we can't be responsible for every choice you make. I'll hand out a detailed turn-by-turn directions with my number on it to every rider. If you're in the middle of the pack somewhere and you decide to turn off the route, we won't be able to turn around and try and hunt you down. We'll assume you have other plans and you're choosing to leave the group. If you have a problem and need to stop, simply let the leader of your group know over the chatterbox, or carefully pull over in a highly visable/safe area so the riders behind you will see that you need assistance and they can radio ahead to the leader and/or sweep.

I'm sure most of the riders deciding to go on this ride either have been on a similar ride to Laguna Seca, or are somewhat experienced riders. Unfortunately, I would NOT recommend this ride for beginners. It's simply too great of a distance on unfamiliar roads with a large group. Too many variables that will likely have bad results. I would however recommend to beginners to take a truck up with their bike in the back so you can ride around while up there. You need not be a highly skilled rider or own a quick sport bike to participate, all I ask is you have experience riding in a large group and long distance.

I'll keep a running list of those who plan on riding together with our group.
(FYI, I'm posting this on a few forums since I know there's different forum posters who've ridden up together in the past)((Oh, and I know it's a long ways away. No need to post up a million "maybe"s. Just let us know if you definitely want to go.))

Please post or IM your first name to me if you plan on attending so I can add you to the list. Thx.


Luke (me)
Kat (KateriDesigns -
G (Darknzz -
Ray (Punisher28 -
Tony (ToeKnee2gK -
Alison (Alysin -
David (DavidSFC -
Fezz (Fezz -

Chase vehicles (following the group on Fri):

Chase vehicles (departing at different times):
Deena (bunnyrbt - {offering to take gear/clothes/whatever up on a weekday before race weekend; most likely Wed July 21st.}
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