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Regional traffic fine information

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So, I have read many of your accounts of speeding, tickets and beating the law on this site. It occurs to me that one would have the best chance of beating a ticket if one knew exactly what laws/regulations they were up against beforehand.

Without looking too dishonest/guilty, how do you find all this information?

Ask a cop?

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You can often find this stuff online. I know California's Vehicle Code is online somewhere. Arizona's is at

If you want a fine schedule, I can post that. I've got a hard copy at home (for AZ that is).

- Dan
Vehicular codes are generally easily found within each state's DOT website and/or office. Fines however, can differ from region to region within a state. The DOT can set a recommended amount, but most courts use them as a base amount, to which they add more money. For example, in California, each county will set a different fine amount for each violation. If some counties are in need of road improvements, their fines will be higher than one with better roads. This can also change during election years, when officials raise the fine schedules to show higher budget surpluses to boost their campaign favorability. Can you believe this crap? We are being victimized here people, so watch your six! And remember, always go to court, even if you intend to pay the fine. 99 times out of a 100, you'll pay less than the amount sent to you in the "courtesy notice." Good luck.

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