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I am thinking of selling my 00 996SPS #855 and was wondering what was a reasonble price to ask for.. ( I did get the bike really cheap and I did put alot of work into it)

here it is the day I got it

I bought me a second set of bodywork minus tail, and tank and did my 996SPS Fila Replica Project. All decals are under 3 layers of clearcoat, so when you rub your hand across, you do not feel them at all. the Carbon pieces have been cleared about 5 times which was a pain filling in all the pitting of the natural carbon, and decals on carbon are smooth.

here are the following mods,
-Carbon race cans with rom upgrade
- custom paintjob, that is flawless
-6000K Phillips HID, very clean install
-carbon tank protector
-carbon key protector
-Titanium step screen :D (custom ordered cost 300 dollars)
-carbon sprocket, and clutch cover
-24k gold plated dzus fasteners
-evoluziones plate relocator
-carbon turn signal relocator mount with LED signals for rear
-Carbon rear tire hugger with corse stripes
-carbon swingarm cover
-Carbon chain cover w/ carbon brake line cover
-radiator guard
-oil cooler guard
-stainless steel brakelines
- and a few more odd and ends

here are some pics

front rim painted metallic red and white striping is cleared over

rear rim painted metallic blue with a shade of purple white striping painted over

the mirrors i have for it are not installed in the pics but they are red with the a thin corse stripe around the edge by the glass

The bike has only 5150 original Kilometers and is in excellent running shape.

The spares for this I will sell with this is the following

-mint upper
-mint complete right side
-mint complete left side
-spare left lower
-spare right lower
-stock rearsets with stock heelguard
-carbon heelguards clear coated 3 times (never installed)
-stock 50mm cans with stock rom
-stock ducati rear stand
-FG moto rear stand
-FG moto front stand (mounts under forks)
-Stock clutch cover (fully enclsed)
-ventilated Stock clutch cover
-DP new lightweight flywheel (never installed)
-and a few more goodies too much too list

I will be selling this and getting another bike maybe the 998R and doing another project. I was just wondering if you could tell me what a reasonable price would be to sell this for with all the parts listed above. This bike has been in a few mags here and it was a hit at Moto GP 2003 in motegi. The photographers could not stop getting enough pics of this...

take it easy

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Wow that's a nice Duck, I would see what the NADA was on the bike then see if you could get about half the money back for all the parts and work you put into it. People just don't want to pay top dollar for used Ducatis right now. I see that you are in Japan, are there a lot of Ducatis on the streets over there or are they a rare sight?

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my guess is, it would be smart to sell it to a u.s. rider because the sps's are quite rare here. have you considered contacting an importer like or

btw, there's a 999r fila replica at a local dealer here. i actually think your replica looks a little nicer.
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