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RE:Shooting event

This is for Matt, Chuck, Anthony and anyone else interested in IDPA style shooting.

CCRC is having another Caboodle shoot this Saturday. (located near Lansing)

This type of event if open to anyone. The costs are mentioned below.

The shoot is an IDPA style, but with more relaxed rules than a normal IDPA event. As an example, you can use hi capacity magazines and you do not need to draw from cover. In fact, you can even start from a drawn position if you do not have the proper type of holster.

It is interesting to any who have not actually competed in a real IDPA course of fire, but might be interested in doing so.

There is no need to worry about ability as everyone will laugh at everyone else. Completely safe, but not a real serious competition.

Anyone can email Bart if they have any questions. Or, just ask away.

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We will have another Caboodle Shoot at Capitol City Rifle Club Saturday, September 24. CCRC is located three miles north of Williamston at 1819 Germany Rd.

Shoot at 9 AM or at Noon or at both times. Show up a half hour early to sign in and get your score sheet. The fee is $20 or only $10 for CCRC members. Second runs are $10 for everyone.

Lunch will be available.

Bring lots of ammo, 200 rounds and five or six magazines if you have them. If you do not miss, you can get through with three magazines and 120 rounds. IDPA equipment, scoring and divisions will be used. Tactics do not need to be employed, we stand and shoot during the Caboodle like the old time amusement park shooting gallery.

The exception to IDPA equipment is that anyone can shoot a Pistol Caliber Carbine during the afternoon. PCC will shoot in a separate division. Please bring a soft case and a flag, we do not have rifle racks yet.


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