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I am now with a new insusrance co. after seeing how low their rates are for me. I am 22, with reckless dring and an accident on my record. Also required to have SR22 coverage. My truck is 850 year for liability, and my bike would be 670 year with liability and theft. I declined on getting my bike insured, because school and rain would keep me away from the road. I'll just stick with racing until I can afford the 200? Yasafuku 750 :) Oh yeah, the company is Progressive, which was better than Allstate, farmers Ins. Co., Geico....those were the only others I checked. I am pleased, I only pay $15 a month more after having a suspended license. My pucker didn't burn after I signed the check. :)


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Sounds like you got a good deal. I am also with Progressive for my bike and pay only $45 monthly for liability. I figure if I wreck my bike (major damage) I will just buy a new one. Its cheaper to do that than pay 6500 a year for full coverage! :eek: Later.

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I have Geico full coverage and only pay about $300 a year. Guess cause I'm a little older. Seems like ya'll are paying way to much.

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I'm only 23 and full coverage with allstate is like 700 a year for me. Anything over a G would be nonsense. I'd rather have the full coverage so when I do hit some sand in the corner and total my bike I'll get a new one for just about nothing.
I pay 10 dollars a month through Allstate for liability only... Also I have heard MANY tales of Progressive 'quoting' low but when you give them the bike VIN number the rates will skyrocket. IMHO - stay away.


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I agree, Progressive sucks. They wanted $1200 a year!!!

I pay $440 a year for full coverage through Unitrin. (via a broker)

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Progressive SUCKS!!! They wanted $14,000 a year for a 500cc bike. I could buy three new bikes a year for what that cost. I stay with Allstate, about $700 a year for two bikes.

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