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How low is too low, question for those with slammed bikes


Ok before we get into the lowering debate, my bike is already lowered and has been for awhile now. No issues, fine for me.

But my question is for those with VERY low bikes. I know there are not alot of you who have theirs setup like this, but figured its worth a shot.

My linkage is currently and has been since lowering, about 3" from the ground (was lowered correctly 1.5"). It has been fine, no bottoming out. But I rode it with the lowers off while I was waiting for the body to be finished.

Now the the lowers are back its pretty darn low back there due to the plastic! Infact I am thinking of eliminating the belly pan from the kickstand back (though I would have to mod a new bracket)...just since it is the plastics that are low. I have little hands, and I can fit my hand in, on its side, just, under the most-rearward piece of the belly pan (its higher in front). When astride its about 2" from the ground, and I weigh only 115.

So how low is too low? I'm really only concerned with the following: If the fairing will crack LONG cracks if it gets scraped, up into the good area; if it could buck me off, which I doubt because the plastic should be able to compress and bend; safety over railroad tracks and driveway curbs. I am not worried about the belly simply getting rubbed or scraped as long as its not a bigger issue than that.

So any experience out there? I am not worried about cornering there is fine ground clearance for my riding style to pegs and exahust or anything hard-to-frame in that regard.

I hope this makes sense, thanks guys.


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