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I search, but no help. I just bought a 2002 CBR 600 F4i with 35k on the clock.
Paid 3200. The owner had all the maintence records, I drove it home everything was fine, the owner said it was his sons and he was out of the country. I hit about 80 and as I was pulling into my apartments I turned it off and now it won't turn back on....

I think its the battery, I test drove it earlier today, but not as hard, and not as long.

The gauges light up but then instead of a odometer read out i get "--" that instead..... I have no clue, I just bought the thing, I HOPE it is the battery. The neutral light wont even come on, and when I press the front brake the lights dim!!

Someone please help!!!


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Did a quick search for you,
2001 Honda CBR 600 F4i. The speedo/odometer are not working but the tachometer is. I have taken it to the dealer three times now and they said I need to replace the speedo unit and the PGM FI unit. I have since replaced them but the speedo/odometer still does not work. What else should I be doing.

the speed sensor next the starter motor
sends a voltage pulse to the speedometer.

If you can get at the connectors
just down from the speedo you can
check for this pulse.

Block the back wheel off the ground.
Unplug the connectors and hook
a volt meter to the pink/green +
and the green/black - wires
on the harness side not the speedo side.

Turn on the key and then
check for a 0-5 volt pulse
when you turn the wheel forward

If you have a pulse the speed sensor
is likely okay and your speedo
circuit board is faulty.

If you get no voltage pulse then you have
to check the pulse closer to the
speed sensor or check the connectors
and wires for faults.
No pulse can be a faulty speed sensor
or just a bad connection.
Have you checked the fuses well? type in search for error codes

Good luck
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