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Let me know is anyone on here is interested..

We are doing this bike run to raise Awareness to Child Abuse and also for Non-custodial parents rights... And if you wanna ride for another cause Come ride with us on that DAY!!!

We are gettin a group together maybe a few to ride from Metro Detroit to Vermontville, Mi A place called Road Runners which can hold over 3,000 bikes is letting us meet there..

The is from 1-4pm, At 4pm everyone should be @ Road Runners, We have interest from a few clubs on the east , on the west and south too..

We have Thunder Roads Magazine covering this, and possible Channel 4 from Det, and not to mention other media coverage we are tryin to get.

The Major bike run is goin off in Orlando same time and day. We also have a group in N.C and possible Ohio too...

SO please Join us and lets make lots of NOISE!!!!

Thanks everyone..

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