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Hey guys I need some advice on which of these two bikes to go for....

*Pros of the First: 2008, $2640. 8500 miles, Driven Once a week. 2 owners, latest was a female (perhaps the bike was not ridden as hard, guess this is a sexist comment, so sorry gals)
Comes with a new battery, vinyl cover, battery tender, extra break lever, shift lever (makes me think it was dropped or something), has other gear for sale(lots of female gear for cheap, which I would buy anyways for my girlfriend once I am ready to carry a passenger), recently cleaned carbs, NEW front tire, safety check done in past year.
*HUGE CON: I dont know much about motorcycle suspension and lowering, but the bike is lowered (I'm assuming because the rider is short), which is potentially jacking the price up and I don't want the lower ride height anyways so I would have to uninstall (on my own). I want to eventually upgrade in a year or maybe keep this as a track bike.

Pros of the Second: 2009, $2500 7500miles. At least two owners ( I only know of there being two). Been on market long enough for him to reduce price by 400 (He/She left his old ad up).
*CON: Daily Commuter bike so it is used more.

The mileages are the same and so are the prices. I don't care about color.

What do you all think? What do you think is a good offering price? Thanks in advance, I'm so darn pumped to get this thing. I've been wanting a bike for 10 years. Yes, I have taken the msf course and completed research, but now I need people with experience. Thanks in advance guys/gals.

There are also a couple other gs500s for sale but they have 10-15k mileage and are less informative ads, and twice as far away from me.
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