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Over the last two months, my 2005 ZX6R has become harder and harder to start. At first it would take only a second or two to get the engine started and running perfectly. Now, it has gradually declined to the point of me having to sit on the starter for extended periods of time in order to get it started... BUT: once the engine does start it is extremely boggy for the first 5-10 seconds of its running, and sometime dies in the first couple of seconds, and needs to be started up again. Once warm and actually running, the bike works perfectly and will hit redline no problem(which led me to believe the fuel pump was still fine). I would really appreciate any suggestions of what the issue may be... Injectors? Fuel Pump? Fuses blown? bike has 10,000 miles...

Here's the things I have done to cut down the possibilities of certain problems:
I have changed my oil / oil filter, cleaned the airbox and dropped a new air filter in, replaced the battery, spark plugs, changed the fuel, cleaned the fuel pump filter (which was still looking new), and read that my voltage running, starting, and stopped were within normal limits...

I thought too that I began smelling a different exhaust smell at startup as well, almost like an ammonia tone, but could be overthinking it.. idk.. all help and suggestions are appreciated!!
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