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When Buell motorcycle company introduced the XB12X, also known as the Ulysses, mid-year 2005 as a 2006 model, the bike had a polarizing effect. Many riders either loved it or hated it based solely on its styling. A few more liked the overall premise but weren't excited by what they were calling a dated engine.

Furthermore, the Uly seemed to muddy the definition of what an adventure-tourer was. It had 17-inch wheels that could carry sportbike rubber, but it also had more than 6 inches of suspension travel and wide, dirtbike-style handlebars. And because of all that spring travel, seat height was bordering on stratospheric. Even the styling of the front fender and subfender looked suspiciously similar to that on the bike that most agree defines adventure-touring: BMW's R1200GS.

The XB12X continued in the line-up and for 2007 it received, among other revisions, a reshaped saddle reducing seat height to a more humane 31.8 inches, and heated grips as standard.

As time passed, the Ulysses gained a growing following thanks to the user-friendly stonk available down low from its 1,203cc air-cooled V-Twin and its forgiving but very capable road manners. For 2008 it has a nearly identical twin.

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