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With a big increase in membership, we do things a little different in terms of "Race Chat" than SBn did. So, I just want to cover a few of those.

We cover the subject in 3 forums.

One covers your racing. It's called "Club Racing and Track Days." This is where you wanna talk about which shock is better, fox or penske. which tires are better Pirelli, Michelin or Dunlop. where you finish this weekend. However, if you race in the AMA, FIM, WERA national series, etc., you're more than welcome to share here. :D

This one covers general pro racing and it's the "Race Chat" forum. This is a great place to talk about the new Ducati superbike, who's the best racer, etc.

The last is the "Race Results" section (this forum's sub-forum). This is done simply because we have found too often that people want to post about a race and put the winner in the title. Sundays isn't always the best day to watch races, so most of us try to get our viewing in during Two-Wheel-Tuesday on the Nas...errr, Speed. So please leave the results in that section.

All of us at SBW really do feel sympathy for the whole SBn situation. I know I would be shocked if we closed up one day. However, I also won't tolerate flaming SBW because SBn went away, nor will I tolerate flaming of Fred, Rezin, Troy or anyone else involved in SBn in this forum.
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