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Just a poem I ran into a while back. Thought it would be a good idea to post it at this time.


The final words have all been said.
Each in their own way.
They feel the surge of pain.
Down deep with in each heart.
Far away in the distance they start.
First it is only a faint hum m m.
As miles across the air it comes.
But as the great number moves
as one along the miles between.
They grieve. each in their own way - -.
Silent and grim, no words are needed.
Their kindred spirits know how each
one feels;
As on they come - - -
Nearer now, the quiet hum m m,
A sorrowful roar- - -,
Up that long hill.
They all begin to climb - -.
Along that ribbon of highway
That stretches out before them.
But the sound is not a
happy, joyous one - - -,
We've heard so long,
It is more like a deep,
and mournful song - - -,
Bourne out upon the air.

As the sound grows louder - -.
We pick-up the sad refrain
They have said "goodbye"
To one they all held dear - -,
Even these great-throbbing machines
Repeat the same sad note.
Did you, also, hear the way
They sound subdude - - -
They seem to know one is missing.
That only "yesterday"
This journey shared - - -
Along this same thro' fare ?.

Life will go on - - -,
For each. Much the same - -.
And we. Sometime, Somewhere
Will all return.
From whence we came!

(You can strap a monkey to a rocket but you can't make him the pilot!)
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