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State Farm insurance premium for my bike.....$320 PER YEAR for FULL coverage and $250 deductibles. I'm 26 and married. If you also have a car you should get a multi-vehicle discount and you can also ask about "stacking" uninsured motorist...these also help on keeping premiums lower while still having full coverage.

BTW State Farm bases its premiums strictly on the cc's of the bike (regardless of if the bike is a "sport bike" or "cruiser") and they tend to be one of the most economical if not the most economical insurer of bikes. My mother used to work for them so I've gotten all the inside info about them and the industry in general.

Try another State Farm may be able to get a different one to insure you without a car policy, but might depend on the state you are in too.

"Enjoy the ride!"

Dan M.

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