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Ok. It's all sorted. I have reserved 6 places for Friday 14 March 2.30pm.

It is FREE.

The format is a 30 min tour of how the make beer at the Tiger Brewery, followed by close to an hours worth of sampling. They are also the brewers for various other beers such as Heinekin etc etc.

We will be joining one of the local RAF squadrons ... which should be interesting. I wonder how they will take to be called a 'bunch a carnts' .. and 'poofs !!'.

I have the following confirmations:

Big Phil
Dicky D
Bouncy Bouncy

That leaves one spot free .... so first in is first served. Email me on [email protected] to confirm the last spot.

I need passport numbers for those that are attending so please email these to me ASAP. I also have maps etc of how to get there and a brief bit of doco's from the brewery on what we can expect .. so for those that are coming (not twats that are 'considering' it), email me your fax no and I'll sent it through.

Still to be sorted is the Go Karting afterwards ... but that's the plan and I will advise those involved seperately.

Cheers troupers

:thumb: :thumb:
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