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My girl purchased a tail light on ebay from one of those junk yard on ebay places. Came out to a little over $60, which she payed via paypal. The seller just dissapears, doesn't send anything, doesn't respond to anything. Paypal touts is guarantee, but how does that work? She lodged a dispute with pay pal, then escalated it, but no one is responding. Its been months now. Is there anything else she can do, aside from just buying another tail light?

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I presume she's disputed with both Ebay and Paypal already.

If it was paid by credit card, then yes, she should have disputed within 30 days of payment but still can since card companies want her to keep their card.

If it was a balance transfer from a Paypal balance, she can call Paypal as they're the only ones who can help.

If it was a balance transfer from a bank balance, she should call her bank and dispute the transfer as fraudulent and possibly consider filing a police report (never did this route before).

She should also file with the BBB and the state's attorney in the seller's location. Both of these can usually be done online.

EDIT: For the lazy ;)

e-Bay, Inc.
Toll Free: 800-322-9266
And another one: 888-749-3229

or 402-935-2050
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