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OK, it's's on for Friday night!!! All redline crew invited!!! :cheers:

*Eucure / Poker Tables
*Bonfire (weather permitting)
Any spare firewood would be appreciated!!!
*Scene It DVD game
*Any other games/activities you might think would be cool....bring em!!!

*BYOB (although Jager is:drool:not recommended!!! LOL) ...or anything else you may be compelled to bring (dish/dip whatever)

8:00pm start till ???
3 couches and plenty of floor space available for those of you that might over indulge!!! LOL And please none of this :barf:

25910 Little Mack
St Clair Shores 48081

I-94 to 10 Mile Exit
10 Mile East to Little Mack (1st light)
10 Mile North
2nd House on Right
Across from New Beaumont Medical Bldg.

RSVP on to this post as I barely check my PM's -or-
Call (586)222-3100

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VFRD said:
LOL! Welcome to the great white north!
I was googleing for a party pic and punched in 'beer' and found this classic!
I've got the great white north cd, definetly classic stuff.
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