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Every bike I've ever purchased has been used (and under 4K) from another person. This will be the first time that I'll be purchasing a brand new bike from a dealer and I'm trying to get a feel for what a good deal will look like. I need advice on whether or not to take the extended warranty and other haggling tips.

I've heard that dealers buy their bikes from Yamaha at about $1000 under MSRP. I see that the 05 R6 is listed $8499 MSRP so I'm assuming the dealer is buying them for around $7500. What is a good "out the door" price I should be looking for? I walked into my local dealer last week and he said the bike would cost around $9400-$9600 after Tax, Tag, Title and Extended Warranty.

A friend pointed me to

Apparantly these guys are so close to the port that they don't have much of a shipping cost when they take delivery of their bikes. They supposedly can pass on these savings and quote their out the door prices right at MSRP and that is with Tax, Tag and Title included! I tried to call but they won't be giving quotes until the bike is released in early November.

My buddy said that when he bought his CBR600RR , he got an official quote from LA Cyclesports and then used it to haggle with the local Honda dealer. He said he only had to pay $150 over what he would have paid for it from LA.

Can anyone give me some input on this? Thanks in advance.
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