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  • It would make travel eaiser

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  • It would be a useless strain on the government, and a liability

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  • I REALLY don't think this could ever even get off the ground

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I was thinking, Germany has the autobahn, but it's proved to be an economical drain on the country, and has a high accident rate from vehicles that just cant cut it.

My theory was this, A massive elevated highway, which stretches across the country, from Maine to California. It has 4 sections, each 3 lanes wide.

The first section is normal, 50-70 mph travel (this would be for large trucks, minivans etc...
The second section is 70-120 mph travel (This would be for faster cars, and harleys :) )
the third, is 120-180 mph travel (Most motorcyclists would run here, as anything over 180 is asking for it.)
and the fourth, 180-200+ (probably only inhabited by exotics, and daredevils on 'busas.)

Each lane charges a higher toll, the first beign around ten, the fouth being around 50 (USD)

What does everyone think of it? there are probably still some logistical problems wih it, but i'll work up a 3-d model tonight to give a more visual example

so, Would it make travel easier? harder? or be useless and just a drain on the government, and a liability?
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