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A biker to the end ...
Funeral transport claimed to be the world's fastest travelled from East Wittering to Chichester Crematorium on Friday for the final journey of a dedicated motorcyclist enthusiast.

Retired engineer James Jackman – known as Jim – of Peerley Road, died at the age of 80.

He rode motorcycles for many years, right up to a fortnight before his death.

Kevin Moore, principal funeral director with undertakers Funeralcare, heard about a high-speed 1,300cc Suzuki motorcycle, with a sidecar hearse, owned by the Rev Paul Sinclair, who lives in Leicestershire.

"It is used for the funerals of people who were motorcycling enthusiasts," he said. "I mentioned it to Mr Jackman's family, and his widow and daughter were very keen on the idea."

A biker himself, Mr Moore donned his leathers and rode his own motorcycle in the funeral procession from East Wittering, as the limousine followed the hearse through Wittering village and headed for Chichester.

Full report in the September 15 issue of the Chichester Observer
20 September 2005

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