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Ohio YSR Racing...IS A BLAST !!
For those of you considering an inexpencive way to go racing and really have a ball doing it without all the pressure of big bike racing, you should really look into this.

I have been going to the YSR races this year and watching a few of our peeps do this. Watching is one thing, but wait till you get out there and try it.

Yesterday was the last race of the season and at the end of the day they decided to have a 30 lap endurance race. Well, yours truely was donned in full leather and gear sent out to play. Let me tell you...after 30 laps you will be hooked as well as i am now.

We had a 5 lap warm up then 30 laps of racing. It took me every bit of about 15 total laps to get used to the bike then the track. Everything just starts to come naturaly after a while. These bikes are only going between 35 and 45 miles an hour and you feel like your FLYING. Going around a corner at 35-40 mph with your knee banging on the ground is a total rush.

With just 35 laps on the little bike yesterday, i learned more about my own riding style that i will be able to carry over to the street as well. Not that i have any style but, now i can learn some.

Over all the day was a success, i raced 30 laps , GOT lapped at least twice and still i finished 7th out of 11. I didn't even wreck. Didn't want to either considering i was on a borrowed bike and in borrowed gear.

So, many thanx goes to Dave-Punisher for introducing me to this type of racing. Thanx to CBR-DOG-Matt for loaning me his bike to ride and Thanx to Insane-Troy for loaning me his gear to race in.
Thanx to all you guys for another addiction...

So, if you haven't ever seen this type of racing or have considered some type of racing that was affordable, you really should check into this.

Hopefully Dave will have some pics here soon so i can show off my racing prowess.haha

Well, time for me start planning for next year. I 'll be buying atleast 2 bikes this winter.I for my lady and 1 for me and prolly a 3rd to play with for after i make expert so i can run with big dawgs..

Well, hope to see some of you either at the track next year or on it...

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