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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited) of my favorite months is finally here. This is when it is "comfortable" during the day, and dayum near frigid at night! Yes! Perfect riding weather.

That being said, here are some events, and dates that I am aware of, in regards to group rides and etc.
Fri - Sat 10-05/06 Shady Valley Run

Wed 10-09 Weekly I-Yam Dinner Ride

Fri - Sun 10-11/13 Boomer Returns Home To Deal's Gap

Wed 10-16 Monthly SBW Hooter's Dinner Ride - Concord, NC

Wed 10-23 Weekly I-Yam Dinner Ride

Sat 10-26 N. Augusta Dragoneez Crew Heads To The Gap

Sat 10-26 I-Yam Trick Or Treat - Poker Run

Sat 10-26 SBW Group Ride - Octoberfest, Marion, NC (7r_rider)
If there are additional dates, rides, local events, or etc that the crew can attend, or want more info on, please post here. If anyone knows of any car shows, local cruise ins, and etc. please let me know as well, as my father would love to see one of these types of shows, whilst he is up here visiting me.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you guys know of.
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