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A complete hoot nonetheless. This is a press release from BG Performance, who support Will (and me last year at the Shanghai MotoGP).

BG4 Racing at the China Beijing A1GP

The A1GP was heralded as the World Cup of the Motorsport with 22 countries running their own team and race against each other allover the world during the regular Motor Sport off Seasons.

The 1st year of 2005/06 A1GP China Round was held in Shanghai in Early 06,
now with the Start of the 06/07 new Season, A1GP is being ran at the newly constructed Street Circuit of Beijing.

The Beijing Circuit, located at the Beijing Economic and Technical Development Zone was finally approved by various China authorities that leaves very little time for the Organizer to prepare and construct the new Circuit.

BG4 Racing was invited to attend this Beijing A1GP Formula event , so BG4 Boss Steven arrived at the Beijing Circuit on Friday 10/11/06.

10/11/2006 Friday
Upon arriving and having a walk around the newly constructed Beijing Street Circuit, it was noticed that
1) The hairpin corner at the end of the 400 M straight was too narrow for these A1GP Formulas to
Practically doing a tight U-Turn.
2) Many of the Banners along the Circuit was not properly holed to allow air to escape, so these
Banners post a danger of being ripped off the mounts by the wind drag of the passing GP Cars in high speed.
These details were immediately informed to the event committee but has rec’d no further comments.

The 1st free practice was delayed till 300pm in the afternoon, and right from the start, a couple of cars crashed during the beginning laps and most of the Formulas was unable to make the hairpin U-turn, so the session was stopped and the rest of the activities for that day was cancelled.
It was decided after a emergency meeting among the authorities that the hairpin corner together with the 400m straight on both ways was to be eliminated and now the Track was being shortened to only approx 2.2km.

11/11/2006 Sat
During morning Practice, a Man hole cover was being torn off by the passing GP Cars, on close inspection, it was found that the welding on the Man hole cover was not biting on the Cast Iron cover, so after another emergency meeting, it is determined that the rest of the day’s event is again to be cancelled so that the Workers can check and repair ALL the manhole covers.
The Supporting events didn’t get to go out to the Circuit.

12/11/2006 Sunday.
During the morning combine practice and qualifying, a couple of Man Hole Cover was again found cracked by the GP cars, and many of the Banners was being ripped off the mounts and some were even being shredded to bits by all the passing cars with their tail wind drag.
The race again was post phoned so all the workers were out to inspect and re-welded the Man hole covers while others were busy taken off Banners that has been ripped off and the track were being swept for all the Torn Banner Bits.

The A1GP ‘s rolling start Sprint race was held around noon time and right from the beginning, there were quite a few crashed that sees the Safety Car leading most of the races.
The Sprint race was won by the Dutch Team while the Mexican came 2nd.

All supporting events with the Formula Renault and Beijing touring Car race were cancelled leaving all the Renault riders and Teams in absolute despair as many came as far as Europe, Malaysia and Taiwan to race in this event.

The Opening Ceremony was at 2.00 pm and the main feature race started at 3.00pm.
The shortened Beijing track was far too short for these close to 600BHP Formula Cars and many places at the track was very bumpy and uneven so all the cars were sliding and skidding with
Ireland being the 1st casualty, China Driver Cheng Congfu, who managed to take the China car from a lowly 14th place to 5th , but suffered from a spin and crashed just passing the 1/2 way mark.
There were a few more incidents and the race was finally won by the Italian with the British in 2nd.

Everyone managed a big sign of relief as there has been one disaster after the other, the biggest concern of everyone is to be able to completed the race weekend and not to loss face in front of the World.
This has been a incident filled weekend of racing and we sincerely hope that the authorities and the Promoter has learnt from this event and to ensured that the next Street Race in China will be a incident free and safe event.

Photos of the 3 day Beijing A1GP can be viewed at here :

BG4 Racing can be contacted at: [email protected]
Welcome to BG’
BG4 Racing at the China Beijing A1GP


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Thats not all

I was at the site 6 months ago and no circut existed, construction was only started after Golden Port Raceway failed to meet FIA standards despite assurances that they could be ready in time. The cheepest ticket was 200 USD and the most expensive was over 500. The event took place in almost freezing conditions and attendance was understanably low. The organisers put all of the spectators into one stand to make it look like it was busy despite complaints from paying customers. Business as usual for the farking idiots who run this place. Cant wait to see what the Olympic games brings:D

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I remember speaking to Steven some time ago on this one. Originally there were intending the circuit for cars AND bikes!

Apparently BG declared it too dangerous for bikes!!!!!! Anyway, i am off to the Macau GP this weekend for something a "little more down to earth" !!!! :D

Any Takers?

A friend of mine with far too much money is collecting the Honda Stobart Bike.... Looking forward to a few laps on a 200BHP bike!:eek:
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