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i think i just lost some files..
i had some info in my ie cache.. i think they got deleted accidently but i dunno.

its my understanding that once sumthing is stored on your hd then it will always be there & that its possible to recover data & files thats been written over 10 times or more. does n e one know how to do this?

ie explorer 4.0
win 98

files may have been deleted through the recycle bin or saved to another file before they were gone.

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$40.00/hr and i'll answer all the tech support q's you got...

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Maybe you two should get a room first. :p :D


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check your recycle bin !

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damn. i would help u for free.


i already did.

If you're cache exceeds a certain amount (10MB by default) IE will automatically dump it. What kind of files are talking about anyway? Pictures and web pages are pretty much all that is stored in the cache so if you're looking for say cookies or a file you created it most likely isn't in the cache (unless you moved it there)

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