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SUMMARY: ***image1:right*** If you think back two years in moto video history, you'll probably remember one of the top three best videos of 2001. If you've forgotten, we'll refresh your memory. It was No Fear's Chapter I. Chapter I got it's name because it was No Fear's first foray into motocross video making. A young filmmaker named Troy Adamitis was hired to capture the year in motocross and freestyle and put it into a 40-minute masterpiece. His final piece was almost that. Motocross videos are to be judged by the individual. They are all great to someone, but might be worthless bits of noise and carnage to another.

No Fear's Chapter II is a video that you might enjoy...if you're into "jump" videos. Don't (pardon the pun) jump to conclusions and think of it as heavy metal music put to 22 minutes of riding with the Metal Mulisha. The Mulisha does make an appearance in it, but it's main theme is the backflip. Just in case you don't know, there are people doing backflips on dirt bikes now.


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