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Let Ducati CEO Federico Minoli know who you want to see next year in MotoGP – Superbike – AMA – British Superbike – and the Ducati Womens Championship.
Voice you opinion here:

"Welcome to the Desmoblog! This new space online gives me a new way to communicate with colleagues, fans and bikers about my life, my experience with Ducati, the company, the motorcycles and of course Ducati Corse. Traditionally, the Superbike race at Misano and the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca signal the beginning of the hiring process for next season’s racers.
At this point in the year my official role is to stay quiet and refrain from commenting on any rumours whispered in the paddock or spread through the press.
However, with my silence I am also obligated to do some initial debating: examine the possibilities, formulate our goals and consider the constraints. I will then be prepared to meet with the heads of Ducati Corse (Domenicali, Preziosi, Suppo e Ciabatti) when they arrive with their proposals for 2007. From there we will be able to reach a well-reasoned solution.
This year it would give me much pleasure to have the input of the Ducati Community to help me with my initial considerations.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond in the blog and reveal all the cards. However I will promise to closely consider all your thoughts and suggestions.
The question is simple:
According to you, who should race for the following Ducati teams? MotoGP – Superbike – AMA – British Superbike – Women’s Championship
In order to provide useful comments, please consider the following constraints:
- Valentino has signed with Yamaha for 2007 and is therefore off-limits this year. As for 2008, we’ll see when we get there; - Ducati can not spend more than we are spending today; - We want more wins in 2007 than in 2006 (or at least to try our hardest); - In addition to winning, we would like to favour riders who have demonstrated a strong attachment to Ducati.
I’ll also suggest a few other issues to stimulate the discussion:
- While we need experienced motorcycle racers, we also want to invest in our future with younger racers; - Ideally we would like racers who represent our principle market; - Ducati is a very unique motorcycle and therefore a non-Ducatista racer would require a significant training period; - We want to reward racers who have won for us; - We would like racers who are also strong in wet conditions.
From here the ball is in your court and I’m off to Laguna Seca for the race this Sunday."
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