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I have been been hanging around the shadows for a long time now, but was never able to post on the Esportbike site because of the invalid host message. Havent found away to get past it. Anyhow A little about me.
I am stationed at Spangdahlem AB, Germany and I arrived here in May. I was originally stationed from Aviano, IT. I have ridden anything from 3 wheelers to my first love horses. I am in the market for a Eu spec Kawasaki ZZR 600 '97. If things feel right, Ill take her home Wednesday.
I am looking for a way to take the bike back to the states when I Psc. I know whats required for a car to meet US specs which equals major :2cents: What I am trying to find out is what would be involved for a EU spec bike to meet US spec and if the EU kaw meets us standards except the insturment cluster.

I hope to Meet up with a few of yall come next spring.

The Last Boyscout
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