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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and new to riding. I bought a 2003 Yamaha R1 from a friend of mine. I've only been out riding 3 times and have about 10 hours of riding under my belt.

I did fairly good the first 2 times as my friend basically kept me on the straight aways and doing "light" cornering which was fairly simple. The last time he took me out on Thursday, he kept to the side roads. Teaching me more about using the clutch and throttle and taking turns. I do not like the turns. Turning from a stop sign or a light or a real "moving" turn like making a right hand turn at a light. Did that for the first time on Thursday and had a difficult time judging how fast i had to go thru the turn. I did brake before the turn but for me, it was difficult.

All I'd like to know is there a better way for me to learn these turns? Should i just practice them more on side roads instead of on the roads w/ a lot of cars? From different things that happened riding on Thursday, i got overly nervous and haven't been on the bike since then as I don't want to ride by myself yet. As of right now, i feel very little confidence w/ riding (turning/ the technical stuff that is), what can I do to gain my confidence more and how do you know how much to apply the brake before a turn?

I was reading on a website and they confused me. In one paragraph it said, before entering a turn, apply the brakes and coast thru the turn w/o touching the throttle. 2 paragraphs underneath that, it said when going thru a turn, lightly press the throttle to accelerate. Which is it?

I know i need more practice but for the moment, I'm just feeling very nervous.

For those who already know how to ride, when you were learning, how did you get over any fears you might've had and how long did it take you to master how to make turns on it all while using the correct amt of braking/throttle/clutch?

I did sign up for a motorcycle training course and that'll take place in 2 1/2 weeks.

If anyone has any other tips or suggestions for me, I'd REALLY appreciate it!!
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