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Actually I'm new to AZ as well. I moved out to AZ (from Detroit area) in October '01, but been in my house in Peoria since January '02. I simply cannot believe the desert and pavement playgroud that AZ has!!!

I've been on 89A thru Prescott & Jerome for some tight stuff, 260 East from I-17 approaching Payson for some fast sweepers, and then a few weekends ago through the Coronado trail (US 191). What a great state coming from the flat-lands! In a few weeks, I'm heading up the Cali coast for the first time to see the Laguna races. I've heard those roads are incredible!

I currently have four bikes of which one I'm selling:

'00 Mille (for sale...see classifieds)
'00 Mille R
'00 YZ 426
'97 Valkyrie

Those kind of cover all the terrains except dual-sporting! I really have only met one other guy from work that rides sport bikes. The guy I did the above rides with has moved from Tuscon to Virginia this month. We met because I bought his Mille off of him 2 months ago and loved it so much that I just bought an 'R' two weeks ago.

Anyway, enough said. I wouldn't mind hooking up with some AZ sport riders, but I'm in the far NW Phoenix Valley.

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