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Hey everyone

I am happy i found this forum. I first want to say that I have rode quads a few times and a dirt bike about twice never a streetbike so I am completely new all of this and strretbikes I do know how to do everything works on a bike just dont have the seat time on one to be good at it. I am looking to get a bike to ride alot. (everyday that it is nice out) plus I do want to start riding on a track soon or a later. I do like the speed and want to do soemthing fast but that is why I want to run on a track after a bit, because I would not do anything stupid on the street so dont get scared at me for saying that

I am looking to buy my first bike can anyone suggest anything good? I have been looking at the honda CBR600rr's, I really do love them and I really dont want to go lower then a 600. If i do get one I will ride the back streets until I learn the bike and can handle it there and move on.

I am going to to take a class to do everything right and not be stupid about it. I just really need to get a bike and get seat time to learn to ride right. do you guys think I am looking at this the right way.

I have been looking all over the internet for bikes and helment and the rest of the gear to make sure I get the right stuff. Is there anything I am leaving out? If so speak and let me know what I should be looking for.
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