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For you daily riders out there racking up some serious miles every month, you may be a good candidate for beta testing of this new hybrid motorcycle. Here's a copy of what I just posted in the PSC forum...


Well, I was hoping these guys would come through and offer these prototype hybrid motorcycles free of charge to their beta testers... or at least significantly discounted. But that doesn't appear to be the case. I saw myself as a pretty damn good beta tester candidate in every way imagineable... I ride a bike similar in performance and size, rack up over 16,000 miles a year on my bike, have substantial background with electric and hybrid systems, and have respectable written skills. Only problem... I don't have 6500 bones to spend on a new bike right now!!! They also want each beta tester to fly out to Pennsylvania at least once. I imagine there will be a shipping cost involved too. That might be another $150-200. First and foremost, here is the bike I'm talking about. It's a bit fugly and even more sluggish than my 2-Fitty, but the technology is pretty cool and I can't compain with a fuel efficiency of 180 miles per gallon and overall weight of 230 pounds! For specs, click here. If anyone else is interested, here's the email I received from the eCycle President today. Anyone have ideas on how someone would insure this pre-production bike, given that it won't be listed in any insurance company's databases? If you want to submit yourself as an interested beta tester, email the guy in the included message. For all other inquiries, visit their contact page here.


From: Dan Sodomsky <[email protected]>

Hello beta test inquirer,

Thank you kindly for your sincere interest in the diesel-hybrid motorcycle that we are developing for market. As you may or may not know, we have been at this for some time and throughout the last number of years modified and adjusted our plans on several occasions. We have always believed a substantial investment was necessary for us to commence production and organize a dealer network, initially in two or three states. While we are continuing to pursue that approach, we realized that as a suitable way to get product out sooner and over a broader area, as well as to the appropriate initial audience, a beta testing program might be in order. Though we will not officially begin taking orders for a few months yet, we have been carefully gauging the responses we have received thus far.

I would like you to please understand that what we are seeking from the first rider/owners is essentially an investment in the purchase of a new motorcycle. We are not looking for testers to take bikes for free. We are looking for people that want to not only be the first to have a new product, but who are ready, willing and able to work with us to make our machines the best they can be and most useful to the markets we may serve. We need partners in this venture in order to establish our production and market entry.

Subsequent to this program, plans to begin more formal production and distribution will be initiated, selling our products in somewhat more typical ways with standard warranties and terms, etc. But for the time being, those things are not part of the picture.

In so many cases, I wish it was possible to provide more individualized responses, but time and our task list dictate otherwise. I am listing the key elements of our criteria, beyond which it is up to those of you who would like to be involved. We would truly love to have the right candidates on our side and working with us. Please be assured that if you are able to meet our criteria and you are in fact, ready, willing and able to step up,
you will not be disappointed and we will make every effort to both satisfy you and to incorporate your input into our production and marketing.


1 - A pre-paid order for $6,500. We will take up to one hundred orders in the first year, with production to commence at sixty. Target delivery dates and appointments for visits will be scheduled shortly after receipt of the fortieth order. Orders will be
processed in the sequence they were received.

2 - A visit to our facility to see your motorcycle (or someone else's) being assembled. Among other reasons, this is necessary because for at least a while, you will be acting as your own dealer.

3 - The warranty will be minimal and a release must be signed. While we will support you in any way reasonably possible in terms of keeping you on the road, we must indemnify ourselves from legal action of any kind.

4 - A not yet determined minimum number of miles will be logged, with regular installments of written feedback as part of the process. E-mail will be the preferred method for this.

5 - A description of your technical backround, riding experience (including cycles owned), business experience and a paragraph or two about why you feel you are right for beta testing our motorcycle. In other words, your motivation and how you feel you
can help us.

These terms are soley at our discretion and are subject to change. The requirements are very important to ensure that we get the right type of people inolved and exclude those who are too demanding or likely to be unsatisfied. It is to our mutual benefit to work with those who fully realize the details of our initial program.

Please understand, we fully appreciate, as must you, that this endeavor is neither for the faint of heart nor wallet, nor for those who are not willing to be trained to the point of modest technical competence in working with our machine. In many respects, our approach brings to mind the early creation of new vehicles (such as with aircraft and especially motorcycles), which not coincidentally, is precisely what we are doing.

Thanks again for your interest and take care.

Dan Sodomsky
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