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Xenigo [2:24 PM]: hey does the shop in Roseville sell Yamaha bikes?
Liquid5170 [2:24 PM]: no
Xenigo [2:24 PM]: what shops in the area sell R1's?
Liquid5170 [2:26 PM]: goodtimes yamaha
Xenigo [2:26 PM]: want to take a trip out there?
Liquid5170 [2:27 PM]: find out when they close
Xenigo [2:28 PM]: k
Xenigo [2:31 PM]: Good Times doesn't sell Yamaha... it's a place called Capital
Liquid5170 [2:31 PM]: oh
Xenigo [2:32 PM]: the only listing I can find is a place called "Capital City Motorcycle Club"... do you think that's it?
Liquid5170 [2:33 PM]: capital yamaha
Xenigo [2:34 PM]: nothing found
Liquid5170 [2:34 PM]: 411 bitch
Xenigo [2:35 PM]: k
Xenigo [2:36 PM]: k, I found it
Xenigo [2:36 PM]: 5:00
Xenigo [2:38 PM]: wanna go?
Liquid5170 [2:38 PM]: tell me what u wanna go there for and maybe
Xenigo [2:38 PM]: I wanna see the R1 in person
Liquid5170 [2:39 PM]: and then what
Xenigo [2:39 PM]: contemplate :)
Liquid5170 [2:40 PM]: ever be spontaneous?
Xenigo [2:40 PM]: lol
Xenigo [2:40 PM]: we'll see
Liquid5170 [2:43 PM]: you should read this article
Liquid5170 [2:43 PM]:
Liquid5170 [2:43 PM]: it talks about this person wanting either a 1 liter bike or a 600 cc bike
Xenigo [2:52 PM]: k
Xenigo [2:52 PM]: do you want to head down there?
Liquid5170 [2:53 PM]: did u read it?
Xenigo [2:53 PM]: I'm reading it
Xenigo [3:14 PM]: sweet
Xenigo [3:14 PM]: well, it's interesting
Xenigo [3:14 PM]: so do you want to head to Capital?
Liquid5170 [3:25 PM]: maybe
Liquid5170 [3:25 PM]: i dont wanna go if you're not gonna buy anything
Xenigo [3:25 PM]: ok, so you want me to go look by myself?
Xenigo [3:25 PM]: I've never ridden one dude... I have no idea what they're actually like...
Liquid5170 [3:27 PM]: you can't even hop on one
Xenigo [3:27 PM]: ha ha
Liquid5170 [3:28 PM]: lol
Liquid5170 [3:29 PM]: why are you going for one liter bikes, i dont understand
Liquid5170 [3:30 PM]: no one is that stupid to ask for such a death wish
Xenigo [3:30 PM]: cause it's a powerful beast of a machine
Liquid5170 [3:30 PM]: especially since you dont have any real expereince riding
Liquid5170 [3:30 PM]: you wont even be able to control it and you're going to hate it
Xenigo [3:30 PM]: you think I won't be able to control it?
Xenigo [3:30 PM]: it's not THAT powerful...
Xenigo [3:31 PM]: it's super powerful past a certain RPM range... they said if you keep it low, it won't kill you...
Liquid5170 [3:31 PM]: you dont even have much riding expereince
Liquid5170 [3:32 PM]: if any at all
Xenigo [3:32 PM]: I don't have any... except a moped :)
Xenigo [3:32 PM]: LOL
Liquid5170 [3:32 PM]: exactly

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Which response do you want "r u crazy?" or "go4it"? Sounds like if you don't go with him, he won't buy it. His fate is in your hands. :D

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why would you want to spend an extra $2000 for a bike your scared to take over 4000rpm for fear of killing yourself because you don't even know how to ****ing ride a motorcycle!, sounds like an idiot to me.

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He can get that R1 restricted. I've seen posts in here somewhere saying its a good idea.:rolleyes:

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GO FOR IT!!!!! get a life insurance policy and make me the benificiery before buying the bike though, make it a $1,000,000 policy :D
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