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This doesn't have much to do with the bike but I bought a new helmet the other day. I have to say it's just the most incredible thing I've even put on to protect my head!

I've been riding for a long time, and I'm just amazed at how far riding equipment has come!

I bought a new Arai RX-7RR4 in a replica version. I had to go to three different stores before I found one that would even talk to me about this! The last store was the Cycle Gear store in Portland, Oregon where I live. These guys were great! At any rate this helmet is soo cool! I love all the vents and anti-fog devices on it. Here in Oregon it gets damp a lot and will fog up most helmet visors and face sheilds I've used. Not this one!

This helmet is expensive. Getting my head put back together is more expensive. Riding in comfort is worth all the money. I highly recommend this particular brand and line of helmet. It's a great one.

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