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Hi guys, just a short note to say hello. Great place!

I took and passed my MSC here in Canada this spring, since I have been putting on several hours a day on my little learner bike, its a Suzuki 400. We also have to custom choppers (!sorry!) 650 Triumphs but I am keeping them grounded until second season while they are finished up. I've always been a bike freak.

I just bought an 86 Yamaha fz750 Genesis. Its the first sport bike I have ever ridden, but I loved how it felt when I test rode it. I am taking it for a first run on Sunday:) I have a serious bug for riding - just riding anything lol.

I guess I am just here to observe, fidn some tips on riding a sport bike as opposed to cruisers etc..and maybe offer some feedback to. Oh, also I am a ceritfied motorcycle mechanic, though I have not been working on much but my own bikes:)

I would LOVE to find other safe riders to group ride with in BC, Okanagan area. Feel free to email me, my husband also rides he is on his second year:)
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