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Hey guys, My name is SHane. I live in Texas, and have been riding for 7 years. I do not have a bike right now but I have owned a few of them and love to ride. Im saving right now for another bike and will post up what I buy when I do.

I really dont know what I want. I have owned a Busa, Z1000 Street fighter, a zx12, and a 1993 Honda CBR 1000. I have to say out of all the bikes iv owned the 93 CBR 1000 was the funist and easest to ride. Good HP, great TQ and a all together fun ride.

I might try to find another one just like it, or maybe a Blackbird or somthing in those lines.

What do you guys think? New or older, Whats funny and gets you the most respect?
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