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Hello there. First I want to thank you for taking the time out to read my post, and (hopefully) to you helping me out. Here's my story... last winter I bought a 2001 Honda CBR 600 f4i from a dealer here in town (Las Vegas). A couple of months later I ended up selling it so I could buy a engagement ring for my X-fiance. After I got my ring back, the first thing to do was to (obviously) get another motorcycle.

I searched and searched for another f4i. The dealers wanted too much, and private parties went the day I saw them. On, I found one. I went and looked at it, rode it, and fell in love. Just like women though, LOVE makes you do some stupid stuff. I didn't have a mechanic with me, or take my bike to a mechanic after I purchased it (cash). The bike looked really clean, and had it's clutch replaced a few months prior.

With the purchase of the bike I got a "Service Contract" for 4 tune-ups. Only 1 service was used, and it was only $75 to transfer the warranty.

The day after I bought the bike I drove it to work, and then to a concert that night. As I was leaving the concert, my bike wouldn't start. Luckily this killer Harley-Davidson dude was out there. We took off my seat and found the alarm the previous owner installed was installed POORLY. It drained the battery when the alarm was on enough to were the bike looked normal (when turned to ON), but would not "turn the engine over."

I called the guy I bought it from and he said, "I never had any problems with it." That night I ended up getting my bike "bump started."

So, 1 1/2 days later (Monday morning) I went to take it to the dealer where I have the remaining 3 services. ONLY to find out that the contract's expiration date was 2-years from the purchase date which was 1 week before I bought it. My $900+ value was actually done-skis!!!!

I called around to a few shops, and found this mom and pop shop who had a "cool vibe." Their mechanic Andrew diagnoised the problem by saying, "I can almost bet it's the alarm." A few minutes later he took off my alarm, charge the battery a little, and the bike started up!!!!!

I ended up droping some cash in there- the rest of my SAVINGS: almost anyway, i have $300 left (they convinced me that they knew what they were doing). I purchased a "Viper" alarm for the bike, new tires, new brakes (all around), and a fender eliminator. They said they'd have to order the parts, but they'd have the bike done by next Tuesday (1 week).

I haden't heard from the shop:rolleyes:, so I called on Thursday (9 days later). They said that the parts were ordered, but haden't come in yet. I called this Tuesday (14 days later)- the owner said, "it will be done before we close Friday." So, I leave work early- it was the longest day ever; I was SO excited to get my bike back! I show up to the shop, and NOTHING was done! I asked Andrew if all the parts were in. He was unable to give me a forsure answer, accept for the tires.

I asked if my bike was starting fine now that the alarm was out. Andrew said that they hadn't started it since I was last there. So, he tried and it started right up! (YEE-HA) I decided to take the bike home tonight and drive it while my brother is in town this weekend using my truck. When I got home, my bike started up. A couple of hours later (and i didn't have any lights on) my bike won't start.

It's doing the same thing over and over again.:crying:- when the ignition is turned to ON, my gauges light up (like normal), the MPH winds down, the fuel pump?/starter? makes its noise, but then when you push the button to "fire-it-up" the bike dies. Yes, the bike is in "Neutral."

If you guys have heard of this, know what i can do, or can recomend a trustworthy shop in my area- I'm all ears!!!! I just missed the past 9 months without a motorcycle, had my new bike for the BEST 2 weeks of weather in the year, and now I can't ride. Thanks again for your time. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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Is the kickstand down? Some modern bikes have this "handy" safety feature too. Will die in gear with the kickstand down.
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